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Regional Economy and Innovation
In order to stimulate the economy and drive innovation to greater heights, we will focus on issues such as innovation, energy transition and a low-carbon economy.

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Urban Dimension of Regional Policy
Urban areas face specific challenges regarding demographics, economy mobility, climate change, energy, environment, nature and health.

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Climate & Energy
Our goal is to achieve sustainable economic growth. One of the important pillars to sustainable growth is energy transition.

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Air Quality
Air pollution is now the world's largest single environmental health risk, causing premature death and contributing to the acidifying of nature. We are therefore adamant to improve air quality.

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The European Fund for Strategic Investments will focus on financial investments in the areas such as infrastructure, energy and innovation.

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The EU is committed to the protection of biodiversity, and to halting biodiversity loss in Europe.

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Better Regulation
74% of all Europeans think Brussels makes too many rules. Better regulation has therefore been chosen a top priority of the EU.

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