Remke PalsmaRepresentative NG4


Remke is EU Project advisor for Cities Northern Netherlands with a more specific focus on energy transition, mobility, health economy and new democracies/citizen participation. The EU Office is an in-house office representing the cities Groningen, Leeuwarden, Assen and Emmen in the EU. The office aims to represent the cities’ interests and develop innovative projects with international partners in the EU. The goal is to find partners from other regions and cities, connect them to our projects and perceive new developments and projects which can contribute to local economic challenges. This way the idea is to improve the competitiveness and the development of businesses in the Northern Netherlands.


Remke is bilingual, as she grew up in Germany. She graduated from Aalborg University and holds an MS in Culture, Communication and Globalization with a focus on organization and leadership. Before that, she studied European Studies at the University of Twente. During this programme, she had the opportunity to do an Erasmus in Sweden. After graduating from her Masters, she started working for IKEA as a team manager sales and recovery (process/finance optimisation). She started working for Cities Northern Netherlands in 2021. Remke is leading the Small and Medium-sized Cities Platform within Polis and is a New European Bauhaus Taskforce leader within the European Network ERRIN.