The Northern Netherlands

If there is a region that feels comfortable within Europe, it is the Northern Netherlands. In terms of economic development, the beautiful, green, tranquil Northern Netherlands has the wind at its back. The region is focusing all of its efforts on innovation and sustainability. These also happen to be the initiatives that can count on the political and financial support of the European Union.

Besides being a powerful component of the economic engine of the Netherlands, the North also wants to be recognised in Europe as a region that is setting an inspiring example in the areas of agriculture, health, water, circular economy and renewable energy.

The Northern Netherlands in Europe

The provinces of Fryslân, Groningen and Drenthe all have their own unique scenic and cultural attributes. However, as a region, they work together as a mutually supportive administrative alliance. United in its efforts, the Northern Netherlands successfully utilises European funding as a lever to facilitate economic development.

The Northern Netherlands Alliance (SNN)

The three Northern provinces have been collaborating successfully for 25 years. In Dutch the Northern Netherlands Alliance is known as Samenwerkingsverband Noord-Nederland or SNN. The aim of the alliance is to acquire funding and effectively allocate subsidies. European subsidy schemes have had a significant and demonstrable positive impact on our regional economy.

SNN acts as a unifying factor in the region. We work together with businesses, knowledge institutions, public organisations and other government agencies. We are also the ‘voice of the North’ in The Hague and Brussels.

Within the House of the Dutch Provinces SNN has joined forces with the four main cities in the North (NG4) and Wetsus, a unique knowledge institute that specialises in water technology. Together we promote the interests of the Northern Netherlands in the European Union. We highlight the strengths that differentiate our region from other parts of Europe in the innovative sectors with which we collaborate closely.