Joint priorities

The seven joint priorities are in line with the core tasks of the provinces:

  1. Climate & Energy
  2. Digitalization
  3. Regional Economy
  4. Agrofood
  5. Sustainable & Healthy Environment
  6. Circular Economy
  7. Mobility

Each of the priorities is related to the Green Deal and contributes to it. It is for this reason that the Green Deal is not an independent priority, but runs like a green thread through all of them. The House understands that the proposals under the Green Deal are closely related and cannot be seen separately from each other. So, the HNP chairman has a connecting role regarding these topics.


The administrative agendas of the twelve provinces and the IPO, as well as current European policy developments, are leading for the joint prioritization of the provinces and thus for the House. For the joint priorities, provinces usually have direct responsibility for the implementation of European policy and certain European programmes. The number of initiatives, the subjects, the complexity of the European policy process and European decision-making require selection and prioritization.

The joint priorities within the House and the IPO are well organized. Each priority falls under the responsibility of one or two of the boardmembers of the House. The priorities all have their own working group within the House, consisting of multiple provincial representatives, with one or two chairs. Structural coordination takes place with the IPO and its advisory structure. From the substantive agenda, synergy is realized on specific topics and continued with the partners in the House.