Sjors AartsenRepresentative Province of Utrecht


Since 2024 Sjors Aartsen has been an EU representative and Public Affairs advisor for the province of Utrecht. He is responsible for maintaining relationships with the Brussels network, advocating for provincial interests, and advising policymakers on European developments, specifically in the areas of environment, nature, climate, energy, and economy.


Prior to his Public Affairs role, Sjors worked for several years as an advisor on European Subsidies and Networks for the province of Utrecht. In this capacity, he was closely involved in connecting businesses and public institutions in Utrecht with European funding opportunities. After completing his BA at Leiden University College, he obtained an MSc in International and European Public Administration.

In addition to his work for the province of Utrecht and the HNP, Sjors serves as the chairman of the Hartman Young Professionals for Europe (HYPE) network from 2023 to 2025.


T. +31 (0)6 40 27 47 85