Johanna NeytRepresentative Province of Zeeland


As a lobbyist to the Province of Zeeland in Brussels, I advocate the specific EU-related interests of the Province.

Negotiated files are related to the following policy fields:

  • EU funds & multi-annual budget
  • European agricultural policy (CAP)
  • Energy(transition) and Climate
  • Anti-dumping
  • Fisheries policy
  • Education


I have a rich international career of 12 years in India, South-Africa and Austria, working as the foreign affairs correspondent for the news services of the VRT.

I graduated from a Masters’ degree in International Relations, and back in Belgium I worked at the Europe-desk of the VRT and as a lobbyist for Voka Chamber of Commerce Flemish-Brabant and Brussels. The files that I executed successfully are related to business climate, labour market, mobility and fiscal matters.


P. +32 (0)2 737 99 73