Lieke van Alphen – BuscardiniRepresentative Province of North-Brabant


Since 2011, Lieke van Alphen is representing the interest of the Province of North-Brabant in Brussels. Together with Machteld van Dijk, also advisor Public Affairs, she is responsible for maintaining networks and connections with the EU-institutions. Furthermore, Lieke signals EU related opportunities for the Province.

Lieke holds in her portfolio the policy areas industry and culture. For the collective HNP she is the contactperson for circular economy.


2011 – current: Senior advisor EU Public Affairs, Province North-Brabant, Brussel
2008 – 2011: Policy advisor Economic Affairs, Province North-Brabant, Den Bosch
2007 – 2008: Project coördinator European Social Fund, Healthcare group Elde, Boxtel


P. +32 (0)2 737 99 43
M. +31 (0)6 556 866 83